1. Gold

  2. Not In Love
    Non La

  3. Emotional Intimacy
    Cave Babies

  4. Forever Changes Overnight
    Family Video

  5. Olivia's World EP
    Olivia's World

  6. Perfect Love Song
    Lisa Prank

  7. Welcome To The Sad Cafe
    Tim The Mute

  8. En Garde
    Flying Fish Cove

  9. At Moonset
    Flying Fish Cove

  10. Sem Bênção / Sem Crença

  11. Too Mystical
    Space Daze

  12. Compulsion
    Kim Gray

  13. Do In Yourself
    Tim The Mute

  14. Temporary Eyesore
    Temporary Eyesore

  15. Another Album
    Richard Album

  16. September
    Rose Melberg

  17. THIS REMINDS ME: Songs By Linda Smith Reimagined
    Various Artists

  18. Slow Growth

  19. Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
    Family Video

  20. Bury It

  21. Dues
    Rose Melberg & Larissa Loyva

  22. Super Genuine

  23. Come Along to the Chocolate Church
    Shrouded Amps

  24. Cioppino
    Tyler Martin

  25. 2016
    Neutral Shirt

  26. Take My Life... Please!
    Tim The Mute

  27. Three

  28. Lisa Marie Airplane Tour
    So Cow

  29. Bubble

  30. Wilt

  31. Affliction

  32. Sparkle Water & Family Video Split Tape
    Sparkle Water & Family Video

  33. Greatest Hits
    Your Heart Breaks

  34. Situational Anxiety
    Cave Babies

  35. Lullaby Oxen

  36. Whatever Will Happen

  37. Hat Bark Beach
    Knife Pleats

  38. Love In Mind
    Love In Mind

  39. Malasada EP

  40. A Vision

  41. America
    Your Heart Breaks

  42. What Kind of Pet Defines You?

  43. Feedback Time
    Mandarin Dynasty

  44. Why Live?
    Tim The Mute

  45. Mother's Day Compilation
    Various Artists

  46. Paraleloplasmos
    Lê Almeida

  47. Daughters of the Earth

  48. Influences
    OK Vancouver OK

  49. Love Cuts & Burnt Palms Split Tape
    Various Artists

  50. Paint

  51. Kites At Night
    Imaginary Pants

  52. Always Room

  53. New Ocean Waves/Sailor System
    Your Heart Breaks

  54. Songs For Hungry Ghosts
    Craig Salt Peters

  55. History

  56. Accomplish Nothing
    Cave Babies

  57. Skywriter Blue 1998-2000
    The Skywriters

  58. Sentimental Health

  59. When You Move
    Watercolor Paintings

  60. Not There

  61. Thought He Was Dead
    Shawn Mrazek Lives!

  62. Cool Dream/In Celebration + Bonus Tracks

  63. I Love Neighbors/John In Babeland

  64. Food Shelter Water
    OK Vancouver OK

  65. Pre Ambulatorio
    Le Almeida

  66. Colours
    Ashley Eriksson

  67. Nod And The Hob Goblins
    Nod And The Hob Goblins

  68. Golden Webs
    Margy Pepper

  69. "Pop" Music / Georgette and Other Songs
    The Balloons

  70. Home
    Midtown Dickens

  71. Harsh Tokes & Bong Jokes
    Your Heart Breaks

  72. Yellow Canary Jumpsuit
    Stephen Steinbrink

  73. Black Velvet

  74. Winnie Byrd & Glass Cake split tape
    Various Artists

  75. Justin Clifford Rhody & Sam Gas Can split 7"
    Various Artists

  76. 7" Subscription Series (June)
    Stephen Steinbrink

  77. 7" Subscription Series (May)

  78. 7" Subscription Series (April)
    Tyson Ballew

  79. 7" Subscription Series (March)

  80. 7" Subscription Series (February)
    Sandy City

  81. 7" Subscription Series (January)
    Charlie Mcalister

  82. These Arms
    Watercolor Paintings

  83. Collaborate With a 1940's Wire Recorder
    Various Artists

  84. Tell The Truth
    Sundance Kids

  85. Split 7"
    Watercolor Paintings & iji

  86. Donald Fagen Mix Tape
    The Endless Bummer

  87. Seasonal Splits
    Various Artists


Lost Sound Tapes Seattle, Washington

Lost Sound Tapes is a mostly cassette tape record label out of Cascadia.

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